Chaos & Christ
Chaos & Christ
April 7, 2023

#058| Tragedy politicized, tyranny and Worry

#058| Tragedy politicized, tyranny and Worry

This week has been filled with tragedy, political filth and worry when you realize that you are living in a Police State. Worry is sure to set in and I am providing scripture as a reminder to trust in Christ Alone. 

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In the midst of Chaos Christ is there!





[00:00:00] Welcome to chaos and Christ podcast. I'm your host, Alexi, Felix. Thanks for tuning in. Uh, guys today, I, um, Yeah, I'm just going to get into what we have been dealing with. Really on a more general scope, but I'm going to be touching on just a couple of different story pieces, different things that I heard as the week went on. 

Now this is centered around the covenant school shootings that took place. Um, And by this time it would have been like a week or two already. When this episode is aired, it's hard to keep up with the politics. On a weekly show. But this there's something here. That I think. Is worth speaking to speaking into. 

And of course. It is a form of chaos at, I feel called to address. So that way we can. We can just turn our hearts, our minds to Christ. Trusting in him. Not being worried about anything. Just looking at [00:01:00] what. Has happened. It was in Nashville. We're a 28 year old. Female by the name of Audrey Hale. 

Who. Identifies as transgender. I think was going by the name of Aiden. And was more than a year into her transition. Goes into a covenant school, which, from what I'm reading and seeing she was actually a student of in the past. 

And gold blood shoots down nine people. Six people, my apologies, six people, three of which were nine-year-olds. And then the other three. Of which we're adults. Custodian the principal and a substitute teacher. 

One of which the children were the daughter of the pastor. That runs the school. [00:02:00] So you can imagine that. The, the agony there. And I feel for that. As a dad, myself. It's one other reason why I've decided that homeschooling is the way to go. And I feel more sure now than ever. Uh, data's what we're doing. 

And that we thank God for opportunities like that. 

But. What's insane about all this. We can all see the, this is an evil that took place. Um, Argue. Enough to say that a terrorist, a terrorist attack. What we learned is that. Audrey actually had a manifesto written. Before all this took place, which means there was a. A preconceived thought for some time as to what she was going to do, why she was going to do it and what the mission was behind it. [00:03:00] 

And before I get into the politics of it all. My heart and prayer goes out to the Scruggs family. The And every family member that has lost their loved ones from the three adults and the three children. May the peace of God. Rest on them. And the comfort of Christ and the message of the gospel. 

Lay heavy on them day in and day out. And may they be surrounded as my prayer goes by many loved ones, church members, families that will support them and lift them in prayer. What happened? There was an act of demonic, evil. These are my words. I believe it's very demonic and I believe it's just a, an example of what is going to happen in the days to come potentially. 

Now what's what's important here is that apparently this person who was 28 years old, not a child, a [00:04:00] grown woman. Wrote a manifesto. So there's clearly something that, that needs to be done here. One, we need to see the manifesto because what we need to know is is this some sort of terrorist cell group where it's not just her, but a linking of other people in that community. 

And it could be the transgender community. It could not be the transgender community. It could be. Simply a hatred towards Christians. Many people say that that's the case. Sure seems like it. But it sure seems also very personal considering that this is the school that she went to. And then of course, 

I wouldn't doubt with having a manifesto that she did not know the child that she killed. Specifically being the pastor's daughter. So it's good. It's important for us to know, because what if there's other potential attacks that could be looming? 

What if, what if that it was all an initiation? I mean, there's so much. Unspoken [00:05:00] of it's important to know because lives are at risk here. There was a mass shooting and slaughter that just took place in a horrific way. And what's sad as I dive into the culture of media. And then the politics is that there is no release of the manifesto. 

Why not. 

I think the public deserves to know what was behind this motive. What was in the mind? Of the killer. 

Why does she want to do that? Why does she plan it? Was she acting alone? Is she acting as a part of a cell? Will there be clones or copycats? Where will there be? A series. Of attacks such as this to come. Is this. Strategized. Or was she just a mentally disturbed individual? Maybe it was drugs and the hormones and the. 

Whatever it is that they take for [00:06:00] transitioning. What if that was the case? Maybe this was a transgender movement. After all. I mean, it wouldn't be the first time we are seeing violence on their side. And now of course the media is painting it in a different light. And we're going to talk about that in a second here, but it's important for us to know. 

Why she wrote the manifesto. 

And we need to know these things. 

But apparently we're not getting that information, but here's what we are getting. And this is what angers me. But what we are receiving. Is. A press secretary. Of the, of the white house saying to us that. Transgenders and the transgender community are under siege. The VA are the ones being attacked. 

They are the victims here. 

I can express to you in words, how messed up and twisted and disgusting. This administration [00:07:00] is in my lifetime. I can't even express to you in anger. I'm too tired. I'm too exhausted. I've had a long week. I hope my words come across to you as very sincere. Coming from a place of anger. Under control. 

Because I hate every bit of this. Administration and maybe that's not right. Maybe not. Now I am praying. The God will convert these people. And may him and make them bend the knee and repent. But I'll be honest with you. I'm also praying for justice. God's justice to reign upon them. And showed them the tear that they deserve because of their wicked deceitful, evil ideology that has permeated through this culture in this world, in the United States. 

To then give transgenders. A victim hood status. And say that they're the ones under siege. 

And then having. Resident Biden [00:08:00] step up. And take the opportunity as any good Democrat does. You don't let a good crisis go to waste. Take that opportunity to go ahead and start issuing gun laws. Look. We can talk gun laws all day. We can talk about that at some point, it really is just common sense at some point. 

We need to sit down and realize it doesn't matter. What sort of gun laws are going to go in place. This isn't about your protection or my protection. They could care less about the Christian community if this was the opposite community. And there was a for example, wipers in the committed in a mass shooting. 

To a bunch of LGBTQ plus people. Then every company, every media, even the president. We'll be making sure that they show there. They're mourning. They would bow the knee. And they will make sure that this will be a day to remember, but [00:09:00] president Biden, which I call resident Biden. 

Steps up to the podium, talks about a different mass shooting. That happened too. I think. A gay club or something like that. Mind you, the shooter was non-binary. So again, here's another example of what these people are doing and really the agenda that they have. But have nothing to say about the attacks that happened to covenant school. 

Nothing at all. 

This is an indication of where things are headed. It's indication and you should be aware of this. 

Aware, but not. Afraid. Of course, we're going to dive into scripture. We are going to, we're just going to read, I'm just going to read something that honestly, I just flipped the page to, I opened, I say, you know what, this comforts me. This will come for you. But in the meantime, 

What we're also seeing is on news. Is a. A twisting of scripture. Again, for the [00:10:00] gun laws, you see some guy named Jim. Wilson. I don't, I can't remember his name. I really wish I can, uh, get these snippets. I'll be honest. I don't know how to do that yet, but eventually I will. 

Of people. Of this man taking scripture and the old Testament in Leviticus about Molek and about how God aboard the sacrifice of children to Molek. And then calling guns the Mullock of our day. 

Uh, twisting of scripture and God's word is a wicked thing. It is what Satan does. And this is the type of culture we are living in right now, because. We, they can deny the fact that this country has a rich history in the Christian faith. And so they still have to borrow from it and still have to use it in order to manipulate it, twist it and get you to buy their whole narrative. 

It is wickedness. What we're dealing with. We should be mourning. We should be [00:11:00] understanding why this person did this. The manifesto should be released. There should be a prayer. The president should have. Visited the families in the school. I mean something, but of course that's not where we're, that's not the time we're living in because this is part of a bigger agenda. 

These are the things that they're looking forward to, right? Because then they can paint the picture that it's the transgender community and minority and LGBTQ and all of them. They're the ones that are being attacked and under siege from the white Christian nationalists or whatever the term is, white supremacists, it just keeps changing. 

It keeps evolving, keeps developing. I can't keep up these days. 

But this is the type of thing that we are dealing with. Now not to mention. That grievous thing. But we don't even know what's happening abroad. We don't even realize that Brazil, China and Russia are a drink into an agreement of a new [00:12:00] currency, which means, guess what guys? Our dollar, we're not the superpower anymore. 

R dollar is going to tank. 

And eventually we are going to enter into a state of war. 

Because while there's stray thing up. We are basically following in the footsteps of our leader in this country. We are senile. We have dementia. We have no idea where we're at. We have no idea what's going on. Just like Biden, the United States of America. Follow suit. It has no idea. That this is happening. It's a major implication. 

For us all because. Now what we're seeing. It's not only that this takes place now, only that in, in foreign policy, we are seeing a complete destabilization of our own dollar, but now we get political persecution against a former president of the United States. I do not care if you like him or not. I really don't. 

You don't have to like Donald Trump. [00:13:00] And honestly, I've grown to real, maybe wonder about him, myself. 'cause I don't know. I just don't trust anything anymore. As far as politics goes, it feels like one big unit party. But the way that they attack Trump. In this day and age still makes me think that there is something there that they really don't want him to succeed in. 

'cause right now. What they're doing is indicting Trump for a crime, or suppose it, white collar crime that is past the statute of limitations. And what they are doing is saying that he is guilty until proven innocent. And the investigation is to find the innocent. That's not how this works in America. You are innocent until proven guilty. 

But now that that's flipped on its head. And now that we have our first ever. Political persecution and indictment of a former United States president who, by the way, as you [00:14:00] don't already know, is running in the 20, 24 elections, is this a quizzes for anyone here? Absolutely not. What this indicates is we are now in a police state government. 

And with time progressing. With technology on their side. We will be in a virtual police state. We are exactly what I've been talking about. Since 2020, we are in totalitarianism in a digital age. And I just don't think people see that still. I really don't. Nope. I'd say all this. Why? Why to freak you out? No. 

If you're freaked out, if you're worried, if you're losing sleep at night, it could mean that you do not have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. 

All this stuff, all this wickedness, all this politics is headed one direction. And ultimately I sit here and I think it has to be judgment on us. [00:15:00] We are a nation that is, that has turned. Our fears. Towards ourselves. And we have none towards God. We laugh at the idea of God. 

And if you, you claim you have a God, it is in, based on the scriptures. It is in based. Um, proper sound doctrine and theology. It's based upon what makes you feel right. And I, as I mentioned in the last episode of the podcast, It's all about relativism. It is a postmodern world that is adopted. Personal truths. And this is how we're living. 

The destruction behind that. Ideas have consequences. I'm learning that so much now. 

And so. Because of these ideas. And by the way, what we're seeing in our country is a Marxist Maoist kind of communist idea. This happened many centuries ago, and we're [00:16:00] still dealing with it today. Ideas have consequences. This is why in the book of Deuteronomy God, instructs, Israel, to know and love the law and teach it to their children. Day in, day out from they're going from they're coming in from the sun, rising to the moon. Like. 

Seriously, constantly must. They learn about God's law and who God is. And today in the church, I agree and say that we need to be catechizing our children. We need to be catechizing ourselves. We need to be preaching the gospel to ourselves. We need to be in the word of God. We need to be connected to a group of believers. That is that's a church on their sound doctrine and proper teaching of the scriptures. 

That is where we need to be. Because. Ultimately what needs to happen? Is repentance. Because we are under the judgment of God. This is what happens. John Calvin [00:17:00] said. That when God wants to judge a nation, he will give it wicked rulers. And indeed dad is where we are today in America. And that's honestly where we're all where we're at globally. Brazil has the same situation. 

They've got the same situation. China has the same situation. Russia has the same situation. North Korea has the same situation. Canada now has the same situation. Australia now has the same situation. We have elites playing a chess game. With the lives of us peasants. Uniting. In a grand way for a, , one world government. And I know that sounds weird to say. 

But it's so true. You can't deny it. If you decide to deny it, that is your willfulness of being ignorant. 

And for some many have become a useful idiot to this whole thing. 

Well, if you have it on the stand, so [00:18:00] already, this, this is the chaos that I am constantly. Pointing back to. 

But in the midst of it, if you are a Christian. Really a Christian. 

Christ is in the midst of it. And he's TA. He's told us not to worry. And so with that, Transitioning. I want to get into scripture. 

So here in Matthew, chapter six, starting in verse 25. Uh, typically your Bibles will probably tell you on Todd, there's a headline that says do not worry. And I think it's just good to reflect on these words now. Verse 25 for this reason I say to you. I do not be worried about your life. As to what you will eat. 

Or what you will drink. Nor for your body. As to what you will put on. Is not life more [00:19:00] than food and the body more than clothing. 

And I liked this description of verse 26. Union an example of. Even how small things in detail, God takes care of how much more you and I verse 26, look at the birds of the air. That they do not sow nor reap, nor gather into barns. And yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they. 

And who of you by being worried can add a single Cuba to his lifespan. 

And why are you worried about clothing? Observe how the lilies of the field grow? They do not toil nor do they spin yet. I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself, like one of these, but if God, so clothes, the grass of the field, which is alive today. And tomorrow is thrown into the furnace. Will he not much more clothe you, you of little faith. 

And then [00:20:00] all the way down to verse 34 basically ends it. We'll actually verse 33. Says, but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these deans will be added to you. So do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. I read this to you. 

As a reminder of what we are called to do. What the Lord has placed us on this earth to do. He's never promised us that we were going to go through some sweet times. I think, especially us in America. We've been blessed. We were blessed. Right. There was no persecution. Banging down our doors for our faith. 

No one telling us at, at one point in our history that we need to adopt the ideology that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man. It's just a matter of hormones and surgery to get there. 

That children themselves could be mutilated. Butchered. Because of this [00:21:00] ideology. That there was so much inherent racism, even in the fabric of every building and brick that it screams out and that you, if you're a white. Unknowingly, we'll be always a victim of being a racist. Like you. It didn't have that. 

Sure people disagreed and debate in a theological points and all that stuff, but. But we are in a different territory now. We are entering into a place of true persecution in no time. 

And it could be easy to despair. It could be easy to place false hope, false hope. And I hope Donald Trump gets elected. Maybe I kind of do too, not going to lie. Don't trust them these days lately. I have my own reasons, but Definitely no one bite in the office or any Democrat. And for the most part of the way the attack Trump makes me think either a, this is huge political theater or B, they really are afraid of what he represents. 

I don't know. But you can put your faith in Trump and you can't put your [00:22:00] faith in the Santis. You can't put your faith in any one of these individuals. And I think that's our problem. We are either worried and fearful of our lives and we'll do anything to preserve it. 

Wondering how we're going to eat, wondering how we're going to get closer to back. Wondering if we're going to survive this tyranny. That is pretty much looming over us. Wishing that Trump gets into office. All of this. We can despair, get worry, get angry, get, get black pill, sorta speak. And enter to this place of just despair and darkness and negativity. 

But what I just read to you. Is a command from Jesus, his own words. These are the scriptures highlighted in red. The words of Jesus Christ. He's telling us. Not to be worried about our lives. That he takes care of the birds. He feeds them. He closed them. So how much more you and I.[00:23:00] 

What do we add to our lives with this worry? Absolutely nothing. I heard it said that when you worry, you hurt yourself twice. One because you're planting in your head, a potential pain and outcome. So therefore you are feeling it and making your brain go through the actual pain. And then if it does happen, then you're going to go through it again. You're giving it to yourself twice, because sometimes we worry about stuff that really won't happen. 

Jesus calls us out and tells us you have little faith. 

Now, I'm not saying that that doesn't mean persecution. Will that actually come. 

In history's time, we've seen how persecution happens, how man in the society turns from God. Israel did it so many times in the old Testament. That God calls judgment to reign on Israel because of the rebellion. We are not different. We are not different. God is not to be mocked. Right. People bought into this idea of [00:24:00] this. 

This Christianity in America, that's supposed to be nice. Ne niceness and softness, and it's ultimately dismayed a gay. And now whenever a Christian stands firm on the truth of the scriptures boldly saying what we all know to be true, that man is man. Woman is woman. And it nothing, no transitioning will ever change that. 

People are shocked. And think that that's not winsome enough, the tonalities off, you're not being nice. Jesus wouldn't do that. And these people that tell you that Jesus wouldn't do this or that. And say, oh, that's not in the Bible. Don't read their Bible. They don't know what Jesus is saying. 

Visit was Griffith ticket out of context, and then throw the rest out and say, I don't like the Rus. Oh, that Paul, that Paul is a misogynist of his day. It's insanity, but that's what relativism gets you. Worry, not. Where we not. Because he will take care of you. And our faith should be rooted in Christ and in Christ alone. [00:25:00] 

Because he will not let us go to waste. He will not. Not a whole fast to the covenant that he has given to us through Christ. If death is what you fear then. I sit with that and think about that for a little bit. Because he will never leave us nor forsake us. And to be here is to live for Christ, as Paul said, but to die is gain. 

And we need to get to a place where we are men and women. Unafraid of death. Because if you truly believe in Christ who has risen. And it said that he is preparing a place for you. Then you have nothing to worry about, right? 

Christ. Is gain. He is our preciousness. He is our fine treasure. And I think a lot of people are still trying to save themselves here. We'll be willing to self-censor because of that. Be careful, it's a subtle. Quick slippery slope. Nevertheless, I know that those, uh, he has started the work in those that are his [00:26:00] will be his, and he will finish the work that he's begun in us. And so going back to verse 33, what do we do as an answer? Well, you have it here, but seek first. His kingdom and his righteousness. 

And all these things will be added to you. So don't worry about tomorrow. That is what we are called to do. Seek first, the kingdom and his righteousness. Read the scriptures gather in a true Bible, believing sound doctrine, the illogical church. And submit to yourselves to them. Or I do life with them. 

I study the Bible. Get committed to prayer. Build something. Go and fight the good fight of faith. Don't curl up in a corner and be afraid and just hope Jesus returns. That's not the answer. Get up and go and work and take dominion. As the scriptures [00:27:00] have told us, stop being such a pansy in this fight. 

It's coming. And some of us are going to be tested more than others. So I pray that the holy spirit is strengthen you during that time. So be encouraged today, seek first the kingdom and all his righteousness and trust and everything else will be added to you. Do not worry about your life. Because worrying won't give it any more years. 

Trust in the one who said that he's with, through, through the storm. Christ Jesus, the Lord. I hope this blesses you. I hope this helps you focus and reminds you that in the midst of chaos Christ is there. God bless you.