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May 13, 2023

#063|Free Speech: Why It Matters and What the Bible Says

#063|Free Speech: Why It Matters and What the Bible Says

Freedom of speech has been clearly raged against in our culture and many christian conservatives look for the hope we see in maintaining the God given right. Join me as I discuss free speech, why it matters and what scripture has to say about it. 

  • Free speech is an important right that is crucial for individual rights and democracy. In this podcast, we explore why it matters and what the Bible has to say about it.
  • The Bible provides examples of free speech, such as prophets speaking truth to power. It also emphasizes the importance of truthful speech and respectful dialogue.
  • Throughout history, free speech has been suppressed by regimes such as the Roman Empire, Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Germany, and Communist China. The consequences of this suppression have been devastating.
  • It's important to balance free speech with responsibility, and the Bible encourages speech that is truthful, kind, and edifying.
  • As Christians, we are called to use our speech to build up and encourage others. Defending and promoting free speech is a fundamental right for all people.
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In the midst of Chaos Christ is there!




 Welcome back to chaos in Christ. Guys. What a week it has been in the media world and the political world a lot has going on in our country. And, I want to talk about things in politics. I really do. But at times when this is just simply a weekly show, I mean, the things changed so fast that it's hard to keep up. 

But there are some things that I do want to talk about. But as you saw. In Twitter. The announcement of Tucker Carlson's news show that he's going to be holding there. Was the uproar of the week. Right. Everyone. Is very happy. And for the most part, me too. Because I actually liked Tucker Carlson's a talk show. I think that for the most part, this man. 

Always brings an unbiased journalistic integrity. That a lot of journalists. Today they didn't, they don't have right. Everyone today is really just an activist or a propaganda arm. Working. To Bush, a narrative that is well, that is woke at this point. And so the announcement of Twitter. On Twitter with Tucker Carlson coming forth, say that he's going to be taking the same show he's been doing for six years and putting it on Twitter. 

I was a really good announcement because for me at that point in time, I thought, well, maybe the purchase of Twitter by Eli Musk. May have been one of the greatest things to happen in our history. To preserve free speech. Now, I always say this with a grain of salt, because. As far as Elon Musk goes, I liked the guy, but then I don't trust the guy. 

There's a thing about him that throws me off. He talks about AI as a be afraid kind of thing, I don't trust it. I tried to kind of circumvent the progress of it, but yet. Is a co-founder or investor with a chat GPT. And. And then now recently announces a new CEO. And I don't know much about this lady. I did see some things from other podcasters. 

That basically highlight that she is a world economic forum, chairperson. And I believe has a business. And I saw a video that they posted of her speaking about. Driving to push for equity and social justice. In her company.  So then there's that right? So at one point I'm thinking, well, Elon Musk probably just saved. 

Free speech in this world, but then he goes and hires. A world economic forum. Person. So. I don't know, I'm telling you I have a bit of skepticism, but nevertheless, aside from that, I think it's good. That Tucker Carlson because he signed no contract shook. No has just decided to, for the most part, from what we can tell. 

Analysis show on Twitter. First free speech. You see pundants on the left side in legacy media, literally outright saying that Tucker Carlson is just going to be let loose and free to say whatever he wants on Twitter. And no one's going to police him. It's just going to be a free for all. These are literal. 

Talking points. Of journalists on TV. On cable news. Worried about not policing someone. These guys aren't hiding the fact that they hate freedom of speech. They want that done. They want it to be censored completely. So something for us to really consider they're not hiding that truth anymore. And so what we have to figure out is man is freedom of speech, something really that important that the left. 

Would hate is so much that they would even so boldly at this point in time in our history, just outright say there's, there needs to be policing. What was important for us to figure out. If it is. Is it not. 

Freedom of speech, why it matters and what the Bible says. That is the title of this show. And we're going to go ahead and explain it. So the first thing I got to just kind of give you as a definition, what is freedom of speech? Freedom. Of speech free speech is the right to express any opinions or ideas without censorship or restraint. 

It is a fundamental human right that allows individuals to voice their thoughts and beliefs without fear of persecution or punishment. That is freedom of speech. It is. Our fundamental human right. It allows us to say what we think. Voice our beliefs. As Christians, this is something that's very important for us, right? Because we have the ability here, especially in America to gather together. 

In a building that we are allowed to purchase and to. Preach the gospel, which we know is offensive to those that are perishing. Which we know is offensive even now to those in left. And on the right. 

I'm drinking some coffee. 

But. That is. That is important because when we go out and we share the gospel, we preach the truth. We exposed the scriptures. We get to go home at night. At least for now. Without fear of persecution or without fear of the secret police dragging you in for saying the wrong thing. From the pulpit. 

Or at work? Especially when you're sharing your beliefs and maybe you get into a debate with somebody. We should be able to voice our beliefs. Without having to be worried about being censored and yet. That's where we are today. Especially on Twitter many conservative accounts. Even the sitting president was completely censored and banned. 

Off a public forum. 

That censorship. They didn't like what he was saying, mean tweets as it goes. And when you look around now, Kind of wish there was some more mean tweets these days, right? 

That is freedom of speech. So my intention is to walk through. And provide a Christian worldview perspective. From scripture. So let's just dive in. All right. So the importance of free speech, it is important for us as individuals. It is our right. And it's important for democracy. Free speech is essential for individual rights. 

Democracy, because it allows individuals to express their ideas and opinions without fear of retaliation or censorship. As I've mentioned before. This is. What we should be. Able to do without any fear, retaliation or censorship. Because without free speech, people will not be able to voice her to scent. 

To criticize those in power or hold them accountable for their actions. Isn't that? Important. 

Especially now. And our time with the Biden regime. 

If you really pay attention, I don't care what aisle of the political side. You kind of fall on what we see right now. Is a huge negligence. And a lot of gas lighting from this administration. And we should be able to voice our opinion. And, for the most part, we are still able to do that. Now. Like if you go online, you go on Twitter, I've been on Twitter. 

And I've been able to see their accounts and what they're posting and just straight up lies. But then when you go on the common section, I feel like at least from what I can tell. I would, Jordy of Americans are really starting to see the gas lighting in the line. That this administration, this president is consistently doing. 

And they're voicing their opinion in the common section. You can see it. And it's good to see. It's good because again, If free speech was completely stifled, you'd see none of that. 

We should be able to do this because what do Tyron's won the most? What do totalitarians desired? They desire? No, the set. The desire to know criticism. But why. And this is just my opinion, but I think it falls pretty well. Criticism, descent. Is a outright rebellion against their order and their view, their worldview. 

And what they claim is true. And when you do that, when you're the scent and you criticize what you do is invite other people to then peak in. And then to form an opinion what does that mean? That means that you are challenging the other person looking in. To critically think about some things. 

And for them. It's all about power. It's all about control. It's all about the narrative and their narrative is true. They have an enemy. Every totalitarian government has an enemy. And they try to indoctrinate everyone. Gaslight everyone to see the enemy and believed to them. It's real. And then there's a constant war that needs to be fought. 

There was many in the past, but today the enemy is the mag of Republicans. Right. That's who they have deemed to be the enemy of democracy. Every totalitarian has it. 

And so it's important for us to be able to hold them accountable and say, no, you are wrong. No, this is not what's happening. No, you are actually acting as a tyrant. No, this law that you're trying to pass these executive orders that you're trying to push through. This bill that you're trying to get through Congress. 

It's nothing but  climate hoax and banning gas stoves and things like that. Like, what is this? This is communism. And when you say these things. You allow people to maybe ask a second question. And that's when things start to kind of get confusing. 

Very important for us to be able to do that. But totalitarian governments hate that. This is essential for a functioning democracy, because it allows citizens to participate in the decision-making process and hold their government accountable. We are a government of the people and by the people for the people. 

We are a constitutional Republic. We vote in those, we have chosen to represent us, but they work for us.  We don't work for them. Now they would have it. The other way around. 

Because they think we're stupid. They think that we don't know better. And then they have all the answers. And then for the, for our good. For the good of humanity. So they say. They have to take the power in order to make sure humanity. Doesn't bring itself to the brink of destruction because of how stupid. 

Apparently we are. I was watching. A movie. The one of the episode, three of star wars. So the first part, I can't remember the title of the movie, but I love it anyway, whatever. And it's with Anacon having a conversation with And they're talking politics and they're alive outside. And then Anna can starts to begin to just say  what he thinks should happen. 

And he talks about saying that it should be that a group of people get together to decide  what people want. See if that's what they deserve or need in order to get where they need to go. But if anything, there should just be a small group of people that know what's best and then make the decision. 

And pat, and he says, well, we do that, but we take it base on the vote of the people and then decide from there. But Annie Ken's whole idea was to simply say, well, no, forget what they have to say. It's us. We have the answers. And so bad make jokes around and it looks at it. It was like, oh man, that sounds like an awful lot, like dictatorship. 

And he chuckles it all because he's flirting with her. As if it's a joke, but no, that's literally how Anacon believed. And it shows eventually that's where his heart was truly. I love that movie. I love the movie because if you even pay attention to the politics in star wars, there's a lot of correlation that has happening even now. Even the Babylon bee has been making some correlation between star wars. 

Lately.  Episodes one, two, and three. Which is the story of how an it can becomes basically Darth Vader, how that it takes place. And the politics there, man, it really does resemble the takeover of a totalitarian government. 

And it's amazing to see because it's always been right in front of our face. Anyway. I thought I go off tangent to kind of share one of my favorite movies. Ever. But. Yes, this is important. And we allow if we have free speech week and then. Have the opportunity to make the decisions based on our government and hold them accountable. But it's also important to see the historical examples of suppression of speech and its consequences. 

Like the, for example is look at Roman empire real quick.  Rule is often censored or punished writers and speakers who criticized the government or spoke out against the established religion. 

And this led to the execution of philosophers, such as Socrates and the exile of the poet Ovid. And then we have the Spanish inquisition. In the 15th century, the Spanish acquisition was established to enforce religious orthodoxy and suppressed to scent. Those who spoke out against the Catholic church or the monarchy were often punished severely. 

Including the through torture and execution, a lot of people would use the Spanish inquisition as a very, a black stain in the history of the church. And of course, no, one's going to deny that. But then there will say, oh see, that's why the church has bad. And then, but everything else is good. Right. Please. 

His sin it sin in the man. That, that rules in the man outside of Christ. And then you will find that person anywhere in any institution. 

You're just going to find that. And that's the whole point of what I'm trying to get at too. 


When completely embraced. With people that are power hungry. We'll do anything to stifle free speech. And to get everyone to get on board and to basically step in line with what the narrative is. It doesn't matter where. But what we see in history is time is the examples of what happens when you are not allowed to actually say what you want to say and criticize those that are in a supposedly power. 

Very important for us. The role of free speech and promoting intellectual diversity and progress. Right, because that is how we are able to create. We're able to challenge others, hold each other accountable and push for innovation. If you are in business and you are working on a project. If you felt like you were not allowed to voice an opinion about a direction. 

That the project manager, the boss, the CEO, whatever area in the business that you see yourself, if you didn't have the opportunity to actually voice your opinion and criticize how things were going, then you would have no. Partake in this whole process. And you will feel as if you were simply working for it, dictator. 

And a lot of times. A lot of what people want to accomplish. They can't do it by themselves. Because there's a blind spots and everyone's lives. Even the geniuses need a little bit of an outside perspective. In order to really make some shifts and to innovate and to continue to grow. And that's how we've been in America. 

We've been able to build upon things. With the help of every individual, because God has created us each of the visually with gifts, talents, and abilities to differ and work together for his glory. To advance his purposes to serve our neighbors. First Corinthians 12, 14, 20 says for the body does not consist of one member, but of many. 

If the foot should say, because I'm not a hand, I do not belong to the body that would not make it any less a part of the body. And if the ear should say, because I'm not an I'd never long to the body. That would not make it any less a part of the body. If the whole body were an eye. Where would it be the sense of hearing. 

If the whole body were an ear, where would be the sense of smell, but as it is, God arranged the members in the body. Each one of them, as he chose, all of us are different. And yet we serve the same purpose. Now imagine if in the body, your physical body. You needed to get a job done, but you said hand. 

I do not allow you to participate. It's like that form of free speech. How far are you going to get? I mean, I'm sure it's not impossible, but you really handicap yourself. No pun intended. From getting what you need to get done. It's like you war against yourself. But yet put out a mission that you truly believe in. 

That you could get done quicker. If you just stop holding back your hand from doing its part. That's what I'd see, free speech as. We are a body, especially as believers. We are a body with different gifts and talents and crises, our head. And though we're different. We all bring something to the table that God is using for his purposes. 

Any person feel with the love of God. With the truth. 

Who has the desire to see God's glory? Honored and proclaimed his word preach. Would not want to stifle free speech. 

But all right. Is free speech at all. Exemplified in scripture. There's a Bible. Have anything to say about it? So let's go ahead and look at proverb Proverbs 31 8 through nine. Speak up for those who cannot speak for them selves. For the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly defend the rights of the poor and needy. 

I think that's pretty self-explanatory. Speak up. For those who cannot speak for themselves. God has placed on us truth. And is this telling us to speak up for those who can't do that for themselves? Because they have rights. And they are. In need. And we are to do so we are to speak up and judge fairly. And that's what tyrants in totalitarians and communists and socialists. They do not like when you speak up, because if you judge fairly, they will find themselves on that scale lacking. 

It must be held accountable. But that's not what they want. Of course. That's not what they want. They want absolute control and power and submission. 

And when they have the power and submission, the rights of the poor, the needy. Are not met. Those are the ones that eventually we go under oppression and persecution suffering. The church will get there too, because no totalitarian government will ever. Be able to allow the church to just freely roam and preach and teach and minister and evangelize. 

Because they will then speak up. For example. Right. Let's look at acts chapter. Let's look at acts 18 to 20. I forgot. Some of the chapter downs. I can't even remember where this is at, but anyway, Then they call them. Then they called them in again and commanded them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. 

But Peter and John replied. Which is right in God's eyes to listen to you. Or to him. You be the judges as for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard. What they were trying to do. Was to stop. The preaching of Christ resurrection. And then the repentance of sin. And the trust in Christ. 

Because they had just killed this man and they thought it would be done at that time. But if anything, it's just growing and his followers continued to grow. Their power is being taken from them. Because no longer are the people seeing them as the ones that have all the answers. Now they're finding freedom in Christ. 

The burdens. That were weighed on the people by the Pharisees, by those that were deemed as God's people, God's ones that knew the scriptures. Was released and taking from them. When the gospel messages was proclaimed. And that took away their power. And they saw Christ. Do the miracles and do the work and then get crucified and then rise from the dead that is in objective truth. They cannot help but speak about what they've seen and heard and to deny objective truth is not good. It is a lie and    lying is a sin. 

And yet that is exactly what these people were trying to have them do to completely deny the objective reality of what took place before their very eyes. What does that remind you of? I mean, today that is literally the equivalent of saying, well, a man can indeed be a woman. That woman can indeed be mad that gender is fluid. 

That there are a hundred and something genders out there. 

That's literally what we see today is being told as truth. When we know objectives. Objectively. Based on size and just based on the naked eye. That there are only two genders, male, and female. And to lie and to say there isn't is too. As to lie. Is to deny objective reality. 

Free speech is so important. Because right now it's trying to be taken away. Because now, if you say the things that I'm saying. If you say that homosexuality is a sin, that transgenderism is a. Is an abomination. It is gender dysphoria. There's mental illness involved in this. If you say. That the castration and the mastectomy that's taking place with these children so their parents can transition their children. So that way they can go online and gather praise is completely abort and evil. Then you will be canceled. You will lose your livelihood. You will be attacked. You will be threatened. 

These are realities happening now because they are attacking free speech now. This is the world that we're living in currently. This is not something that I'm worrying about in case it happens. It's happening now. 

This is why this is so important. Now. On the flip side. 

The importance of truthful speech. Very bored. But we also have to be careful with the dangers of false or harmful speech. Proverbs 1821. The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. 

There's a power there. That literally. Has life and death in it. 

Now the left would use it and say, yeah, exactly. You. Words are violence. Your opposition, your denial of transgenderism. 

Dad denial. They say there's bigotry there. They say that there is oppression and violence. There. And they will completely shut you down.  And cancel you. 

And that's what they say. And so you probably would say, well, exactly. So then maybe. I maybe I should never say stuff like that, but that's not the case. That's not the case because to lie to them and to agree with them is death. That's coming from your tongue and it shows that your heart hates them. 

C. This verse highlights the power of our words and emphasizes the importance of using our speech wisely. Our words can have a profound impact on others. So it's either for good . Or for evil.  Therefore we must be careful with how we use our speech as it has consequences that can affect not only ourselves, but those around us. 

I don't let them manipulate this though. The truth is still important. God cares about the truth because he is truth. So to lie with them and go along with them is actually to have the power of death in your tongue.  James chapter three, verse five through six says likewise. The tongue is a small part of the body. 

But it makes great boasts consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body sets the whole course of one's life on fire and is itself set on fire by hell. 

Do you see that such a small part of the body is able to completely create? So 

That is important for us to consider. 

We have to consider this. 


The left would use this to manipulate it and say, well, then these should not say. 

Words. That would cause transgender community, homosexual community. Pedophile people too. To feel as though they are there's violence upon them. 

Don't let them twist this. The evil that could be spread. And one's life is to lie to them. Is to go along with their insanity. Because to do so is to be complicit. God will hold you accountable for that. 

I encourage respectful dialogue. And to listen to their viewpoints because obviously. What's really happening here. Isn't just some sort of. Feeling that they have, there's something deeper going on with these people. And they need truly need help. They need the truth. They need. Compassion. They need someone who would hear them. 

So instead of trying to speak out from a place of superiority, just remember. You were shown grace as well. You were a sinner, just like everyone else. 

And as long as you keep that at the forefront of your mind, when you speak and share the truth, you do it from a place of hope that they too will come to the knowledge of Christ, the knowledge of their sin and repent. And be saved and come and be free from the shackles of oppression of the tyranny of the devil. 

Because that's the real tyrant that we're dealing with here. 

It's Satan himself.  It's wickedness. This is a spiritual war we are dealing with. And this is nothing new. We've seen this before in history is time. And so actually let's go ahead and look at free speech suppression in the modern history. So let's, two of the main ones that we know, the one main one we know is Nazi Germany. 

Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler, heavily censored and controlled the media, banning books and newspapers that were critical of the government or promoted alternative ideologies. Individuals who spoke out against the regime were often in prison or executed. We all know this, right. We remember our history classes and we thought of this as the most support thing. And then we even asked, how did eight off? I remember as a kid in school, how did eight off. 

Pull this off. How did he get people to even go along with him? Well, honestly, Guys, I think. When I look at what is happening today, I can almost see how. Lies. Propaganda. 

Just things like that. Social justice. Understanding that there are people there that were voided of purpose who hadn't know truth. And here comes eight off to provide for that. And to give them a sense of purpose. That's what social justice is today for a lot of people. 

Communist China on a communist rule in China, speech and information are heavily censored and controlled by the government. So critics of the regime are often pretty much silence through intimidation, imprisonment, and other forms of punishment.  

 So I got four points for them. 

Number one internet censorship. The Chinese government has implemented a great firewall. They have blocked access to foreign websites and sensors, content deemed sensitive or critical of the government. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. They're blocked in China. And then the search engines like Google they're heavily censored. 

All right. Chinese citizens are also required to use their real name when posting online, make it the easier for the government to track and monitor their activities. With us here, we could use some random email that we can create off the spot. Put on some, a photo that's like random and cartoonish, which we see that a lot. And then some random. 

Off the wall name and then use that as your alias, but they're no, they have to make sure they're using their full name because they're monitoring big brother is making sure. That there is no dissent, no criticism. That they were doing everything lock and step with the party. Number two media control. 

We can see that now, even in our country, but the Chinese government heavily sensors and controls the media. Both domestic and foreign state run media outlets are strictly controlled by the government. And then journalists who report a sensitive issues or criticize the government. They face severe consequences, including imprisonment. 

Foreign journalists working in China, also face restrictions and harassment from the government. 

They're not really journalists at that point. They're just a propaganda arm. They are pawns. To driving narrative rewrite history. And evoke the emotions of the public to believe a certain thing. They're gas lighters. And the government controls them. Remember a journalist is supposed to be unbiased. Objective reporting facts. 

Doing the research. Finding out the clues and then laying them out and then allowing the public to decide for themselves what they have. That's not the case in China and you know what, it's not the case today. Even in our journalists. Not until James O'Keefe came out. And now. And he's still doing his thing that we can see that. Okay. Journalism is unbiased. It's supposed to. Really just spit out the facts, show the truth and then let us decide from there. But we're seeing now that even in our legacy media, that is definitely not the case. 

What about number F. Three, I believe. Yeah, crack down on dissent in China. The Chinese government. Has cracked down on this scent, targeting activists. Human rights lawyers and other critics of the government. And in recent years, the government has detained and imprisoned journalists, bloggers, and social media users for expressing dissenting views online. Can you imagine. 

Can you imagine? 

I write a blog or this podcast goes out and I'm saying, I don't agree with Biden's administration. And the next day I'm locked up. Not far. I don't believe. 

Now I still praise God that we still have some freedoms. Now that I'm able to talk like this. But all this is recorded and when the time comes, it could be that. 

They see this. Hear this. And I'll be faced with a repercussions because that's what cancer culture does today. They go back years even now and start canceling people. 

Anyway, the government also uses surveillance technology to monitor citizens and tractor activities in China. It is wild, but they do not have the technology. They have the apps, they can scan your facial expressions and your face just to. Determine who you are. They have a social credit score. 

And there are things that you can do to raise it. There are things that you do that will decrease that score, going to church. That will decrease that score. 

This is important guys. This is why I'm talking about this. It is important to protect free speech in our society in modern days to prevent such atrocities from occurring. Again. And a lot of us honestly think that it can't happen to us. That is the arrogance of us here in America. But you know what? That is just people. When I read the old Testament, I see that whenever Israel was blessed by God, 

Whenever he showed him steadfast love and mercy and prospered them. They then turned from God, wind to idol. Worship complained, grumbled. That all kinds of wickedness. Broke God's commandments and then had to suffer the judgment of their sin. They would go through tyranny. Other nations will kind of plunder them and take over them because they would not repent. They would repent. 

Get the blessings. Do it again. It is such a vicious cycle. And that is what sin is. That is what the tyranny of the devil is. 

And right now we have to understand. This is the heart of the matter. I take interest in this thing, in these things, because scripture has revealed to us. The heart of man. And why Christ died on the cross for us. We are a stiff neck. Hard headed people. And we outside of Christ, love our sin so much. 

And sin. Rules. Us. It is our nature. 

And that is why we need to save your dad is why we need to be redeemed. And we need to be set free from the bondage of this sin. Because this is where we're leads. Chaos. Chaos in so many ways. And when sin is prevalent in the lives of those that are in positions of power. Positions of leadership. That's when it's, when you can see the danger most, because with that power. 

And then that sin. There's corruption. There's evil. 

And you need to see this. And we need to get to a place in our country, especially now that we need to give back to biblical truth. We need to acknowledge the free speech. Isn't all perfect. It must be balanced with responsibility, but it is our God given right. 

Now we have to be careful with how we speak, right. Like if we come from a place of hate and then trying to incite violence, because that can happen, we can incite violence with our words as this is true, but don't let them lie to you and say the, all the assignment of violence is a truth that you speak. That's a lie. 

It has to be spoken. But if you're a manipulator, slanderer a gossiper and you set fires with one spark to a forest. And create this division and dissension between groups. God will hold you accountable. We have to be very careful with our speech, but the fact of the matter is this. We are to speak the truth. 

The truth of what the scriptures teach. The truth that God is king. He is sovereign over all government entities on this earth. That we will bow the knee to king Jesus. That certain things are sins that God has revealed through scripture. And we must call those to repentance. Those are the things they want to stifle. Those are the things you need to stay truthful about. 

And for the tome police out there. Can say,  these things in the most softest, a feminine voice you possibly can find, and you'll still be canceled and found out if you stick to the truth, it doesn't matter what your tone is. Tone only matters when, you can tell the person's coming from a place of hate, not to CS one, come to repentance, but to see one, get pummeled with embarrassment. 

To make someone feel lower than there's hate in that person's heart. For sure. But at the end of the day, your tone really doesn't matter. Because I speak with a lot of passion. And sometimes he may come across as if I'm being really rough and loud. And angry. But I speak from a place of love because I want to see you guys calm. 

To the knowledge of truth. Oh, of who God is, who Christ is. And now it may turn other people away. So be it. So be it. 

But we have to be careful with this, but nevertheless, The Bible calls for free speech that is truthful kind and edifying, and it is important for us. To listen to others and to seek common ground. To have compassion. Yes. To beat graceful because you have been shown grace, but to speak the truth, nonetheless. 

The key points here guys is that free speech is important for a free people. 

Free speech is obviously provided to us in scripture. 

Free speech. In a modern history, you can see closely what happens when it's suppressed. 

 Recognize that it's a responsibility to God has given to us to glorify him and to serve our neighbor. Be careful with it. But nevertheless, my brothers and sisters. Be encouraged defendant promote free speech as a fundamental right, for all people, because it wasn't given to us by the constitution. It was given to us by God and which the constitution written by our forefathers recognizes. 

These are our rights. And this is the truth. And we need to stand for it. And so wherever you find yourself now, In your world simply put, do not live by the live. 

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